CHCCCS019 – Recognise and Respond to Crisis Situations

Mental Health Crisis Training

CHCCCS019 – Recognise and Respond to Crisis Situations is a one-day course that provides participants with the knowledge and skills to recognise a person who may be suffering a mental health crisis, how to safely respond, and more importantly, how to recognise a danger, and keep the situation safe.

The course outlines:

  • different mental health conditions
  • communication and de-escalation techniques
  • how and when to call emergency services
  • a directory of help available
  • the important ‘Who helps the helper’.

The course comprises a combination of interactive discussion, purpose-made videos, and hands-on scenarios. The scenarios are designed to be as realistic as possible, giving participants the tools to recognise and, if necessary, de-escalate crisis situations.

There will be ongoing assessments to ensure competency.

Upon successful completion, the participant will receive a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment, and some take-home resources.

Why choose Highlands First Aid?

Highlands First Aid, together with our RTO, is uniquely positioned to deliver certified Nationally accredited courses. Distinguishing Highlands First Aid is a commitment to ensuring participants not only “Have the Competency” but “are competent”.

Highlands first aid courses are conducted by registered paramedics who have many years of ‘on road’ experience treating a variety of mental health, physical injury and illness.

Our RTO issues nationally recognised “Statements of Attainment” as opposed to certificates of participation or attendance which are not nationally recognised.


Mental Health Crisis Training, Highlands First Aid
Mental Health Crisis Training, Highlands First Aid